Life lessons from Ola

Last evening, I was on the way back from a rejuvenating conference where I made several life long friends.

I’d been reading books on Topgrading and had just finished a bunch of draft questions to identify A-players. Decided to try it out on the driver.

He told me about his ambition to have a great family. He was cocky and that came from experience.

Venkatashivaiah had come to Bangalore 28 years ago after having failed SSLC. He was working as a labourer for which he was paid 18Rs per day. He figured that there was no future. Relatives continuously asked about his bad fortune. After getting frustrated, he moved to Bangalore and stayed with his sister on the rooftop of their home.

A random meet got him job as a gas cylinder delivery boy. He did a great job. Got an Auto rickshaw and started saving money with his sister and husband. But lost it all after they refused to pay him back. He had to go back and restart life again as an Auto rickshaw driver. Set targets every day and would not go back until he made his quota. This ensured a steady income and savings. 

He liked a girl but the marriage was spoiled again by relatives. He later found someone and had kids. 

With more such adventures. Life finally trudged along. He got started driving an Ola. And as he conversed with people; he learned and became a better version of himself ultimately becoming a highly driven, motivated worker with a clear philosophy of life and a clarity on how things work . He told me one thing that stood out, “If he had now decided to get Aishwarya, he would instead of the wife he had”. There should be a clear goal, a plan and work towards it. When it came to his kids; he had made plans. If they study; I would provide them help to study further and acquire knowledge. If not, I’ll get them married and be done with my responsibilities.

Despite the responsibility, I will continue living my life. Have savings, have fun here and there. And always ensure I meet my daily goals. 

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Technology for Space by solving Problems on Earth

NoPo’s mission is getting clearer every day. My work on the company instead of in the company is generating results. 

A company exists with a single focus of generating value to everyone involved by creating something that improves lives of other human beings. The intense desire to help others and thinking about how to make persons life better is what creates growth.  It’s hard to make everyone happy at once. Starts with a few that see things the way we do and then build from there to get others on board. 

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My Theory of Everything

This moment has been molded by war and ideas promulgated by Relativity and Quantum Physics. These have translated to the incredible advances in technology.

Relativity states that the  universe has nothing such as a passing time. The past, present and future all exist simultaneously. Time is an illusion of the human mind. That means there is no choice. Everything we are doing already exists. The past exists, the future exists and so does the present. So what is the relevance of me? What is my free will? Why should I even make any more decisions?

On the other end, Quantum Physics says that everything is a probability and nothing can be known before hand. This has been the best way of explaining almost every physical process. But as things become larger and larger; the probabilities of certain events start reducing and we get to observe the world as is. This large pattern is what is showcased remarkably by Relativity. The probability seems to lead to outcomes that have to follow this big picture. The decisions, I think I made with this moment in mind will have to comply with the bigger picture of the Universe. If it doesn’t, then that decision will not take me too far; it’s just an anomaly that will die down and pass away.

Another interesting observation has to do with how our minds decide. Turns out that the decisions I think I made were not made by my conscious mind. The unconscious mind decided something and my conscious mind simply rationalized it. Sales persons, PUA’s, and religious leaders have gotten very good at understanding and leveraging it to their advantage.

If I were to calm my mind completely and let it eliminate all thoughts, I should be able to experience the feel and pulse of this block of universe.  Quantum Entanglement could be a way by which all the future would ripple through space and give cues on what will happen. The past, the present and future all are in existence and all are connected to each other. Each block can influence the other. My decisions even though made independently will comply with the big picture which is unchanging. Whatever has to happen will happen and it cannot be changed. But what and how it will happen cannot be changed. That’s fate and this is the same theories that we will be using in Viga Studios to create incredible immersive experiences.

By silencing everything and listening to the universe, I should be able to sense the block of universe I’m walking into. This is what passion, planning and foresight are all about. They help sense the pulse and make it happen; once a person is moving in that direction, everyone will follow instinctively. That’s why, “if you seek something with all your heart; the whole universe conspires to make sure you get it”. Only when something whose time has come will happen because it is in existence. On the microscale everything looks unpredictable but the big picture is predictable and is in existence.

A lot of the philosophical ideas like maya, nirvikalpa, akala are beginning to make so much more sense with this interpretation. This makes me want to meditate more and get my subconscious rise up to the conscious mind. I’ve always lived by instinct; that instinct is probably more well connected to the universe than this thinking conscious mind.

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The “Super Sonar Sensor”

The first collaboration with VR & Nanotechnology happened this week.

The incredible Carbon Nanotubes produced by NoPo were used by Viga Studios to develop a device that I’m calling as the SSS. It’s a bat-brain that uses sound to map a room and the people within to a high accuracy of up to 0.01mm when fully complete. This will lead to a new system that will allow for the promise of Virtual Reality to be realized.

NoPo’s cool technologies are realizing the incredible future thought up by Science fiction authors. The long held dreams of an immersive reality, flying cars and long distance wireless power will finally be real. .

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Three Decades: A summary

Today, I complete 3 decades of life on Earth. I’ve spent a major part of this time in learning, teaching myself new skills and building a solid foundation for the mountains I plan to scale in this decade. I’m living one of the most exciting times of life and will be pushing new frontiers. At the end of this decade, I foresee the following happening:

  1. Zero traffic jams in Urban transport: Thanks to flying cars based on NoPo’s tech.
  2. Regular trips to Mars would be the new vacation getaway: Thanks to super material’s made of Carbon Nanotubes
  3. Wireless energy will be mainstream. Thanks to Rebeams efforts.
  4. Entertainment will be fully immersive with VR content creation becoming as simple as taking a video on the augmenter. Thanks to Viga Studios

I’m fortuitous for all the family and friends that have backed me this far. It’s now the time for your faith and confidence to see results. Thank you all!


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