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Life Style

Life lessons from Ola

Last evening, I was on the way back from a rejuvenating conference where I made several life long friends. I’d been reading books on Topgrading and had just finished a bunch of draft questions to identify A-players. Decided to try it out on the driver. He told me about his ambition to have a great … Continue reading »

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My Theory of Everything

This moment has been molded by war and ideas promulgated by Relativity and Quantum Physics. These have translated to the incredible advances in technology. Relativity states that the  universe has nothing such as a passing time. The past, present and future all exist simultaneously. Time is an illusion of the human mind. That means there … Continue reading »

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The “Super Sonar Sensor”

The first collaboration with VR & Nanotechnology happened this week. The incredible Carbon Nanotubes produced by NoPo were used by Viga Studios to develop a device that I’m calling as the SSS. It’s a bat-brain that uses sound to map a room and the people within to a high accuracy of up to 0.01mm when … Continue reading »

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Three Decades: A summary

Today, I complete 3 decades of life on Earth. I’ve spent a major part of this time in learning, teaching myself new skills and building a solid foundation for the mountains I plan to scale in this decade. I’m living one of the most exciting times of life and will be pushing new frontiers. At the … Continue reading »

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The Singularity Tangent

Life is an amazing journey. Early on, I set my sights on a far out unreachable goal and began working my way towards it. I want to be the first human on Mars, that’s my goal for life. The race to get to mars is getting hotter every day as more people want to get … Continue reading »

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