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I’m product of some amazing coincidences. In retrospect I can’t exist. Maybe that’s how all of us are.

I have managed to trace my origin from two trees belonging to my mom and dad. My mothers great great grandpa was a survivor of the Cholera epidemic that ruled the roost during 1800-1900. His entire family was wiped out and he grew up with some distant relatives in a village called Kothapalli.(New Village: My guess is that it got its name after it was established as a new village). He was given a bride and was let to live in a home that once belonged to cattle. This gave my mother’s side of the family, a weird family name of Ethinamane (Oxen Home). It’s used to this day. He later purchased land and started tilling when he found a treasure. It happened again to his progeny. This funded an expansion in the lands he held.

Dad’s side of the family were village headmen. I found documents showing that they were holding lands and collected taxes for Kings and later the British India government. They also practiced ayurveda.

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