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Posted by on August 23, 2015

Time………..What is it? I’ve always wondered as to how it flowed, Why does it flow? What is it flowing through? Is there a way to describe that feeling?

I came across a book called “The Hidden Reality” by Brian Greene. The book gives a very interesting interpretation of time.

Einstein’s relativity concludes that there is no separate space or time but a combined Space-time reality. That means that time and space exist throughout without any separation. The past, present and future must all exist at the same time. This is a crazy idea backed by Physics as it runs the world.

So time does not flow. It just exists. It’s there all the time. What we “see” as changing is disorder. The total disorder in the universe keeps increasing and this increase in entropy is what we perceive as a flow of time.

Mindfulness, Vipassana and other techniques of meditation talk about this state where you become one with the past, present and future. One can sense the whole world stand still and perceive the hidden reality. That realization and experience is what was called Enlightenment.

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