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The Singularity Tangent

Posted by on November 16, 2016

Life is an amazing journey. Early on, I set my sights on a far out unreachable goal and began working my way towards it. I want to be the first human on Mars, that’s my goal for life.

The race to get to mars is getting hotter every day as more people want to get there. My “Purpose of Life plan” was Carbon Nanotubes-> Composites -> Rockets -> Space Power -> Mars. The first landing was scheduled for an aggressive 2022.

I’d stuck to this plan assiduously for 14 years. Singularity University single-handedly demolished my plans, changed my perspective  and taught me several important lessons that will help me realize my dream and do more. I was unnecessarily limiting myself in this journey and tying myself up by not being flexible where I could be.

“As the future catches you” revealed an exciting world that I had blindly missed in an irrational downplay of software. Resources and labor based economies are on a death spiral and are destined to go extinct. We are in a knowledge based world. Knowledge when used in the right manner can influence the world far more rapidly than any other force the world has ever seen.

The internet is the means for dissipating the incredible solutions created by our minds. This is why we can have companies that can grow at a speed that was unimaginable decades ago. Existing business models are being disrupted by the knowledge revolution. History has always said that the pen is mightier than a sword. I paraphrase it as, “Bits are mightier than time”.

The most important take-away from Singularity is that certain technologies are exponential in nature and have the ability to move rapidly into our lives. Long term plans cannot incorporate these technologies as we don’t even know what would have gained traction. The best way to plan is the moonshot and the next 6 months. This gives enough time to accomplish the life’s goal.

It’s also important to create companies where founders and employees alike get the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile. This can be done only if the company can answer “Why?”. The answer to this question can bind everyone on an incredibly satisfying journey of life. A company that can answer “Why?” and then figure out the “How?” will create a lot of value to the world. I therefore have decided to balance my life on 3 bold ideas. Each of which will create a lot of value, make people’s lives better and help me fulfill my desire.

The What? Why? How?  of all of the Startups

NoPo Nanotechnologies

What? Make the amazing properties of Carbon Nanotubes accessible to everyone in the world within 10 years.

Why? A Carbon world would reduce our dependence on mother nature and help save nature from destruction, global warming thus helping us sustain longer while creating materials far superior to what nature could ever conceive.

How? Produce the highest quality Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes-> Commodotize prices -> Bring out applications in Electronics and Composites.

Rebeam Inc.

What? Provide clean energy anywhere it is needed without wires

Why? Access to energy can solve all the world’s grand challenges and improve standard of living of people to that of the developed world.

How? Start with Rebeam for Drones , Power UAV’s , Build Solar Power Relay Satellites, Solar Power Satellites and Interstellar Energy Beaming.

Viga Studios

What? Create a virtual world that is better than the real world.

Why? Reduce distances and unnecessary barriers to experience the world around us.

How? Create VR/AR tools and multiple projects. Create new hardware to completely capture, render and re-create the world around us.


Now that the startups know their purpose and things are clear; I can push for results. The only way to manage all these exciting projects is to take a step back from my love for tinkering with technology and bring in the most incredible people to work with me to realize this vision. The 3 of them will change everything around us and create an exciting sustainable world.

So what’s in it for me? everything. A world made of Carbon Nanotubes would be super strong, super lightweight, and cheap. Allowing me to realize the Mars mission using off the shelf components , VR would allow me to complete the journey without losing my mind in the abyss of space, and Rebeam would provide the energy required to setup the first off-planetary base. The tech being developed is the most exciting ever seen. Each company will work doggedly on it’s 6 month plans and help create the exciting world that would only exist in Sci-Fi if not for these companies.

If the purpose of any of these companies strikes a chord, feel free to reach out to me and bring this exciting future to fruition.

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