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My vision for Transportation

Posted by on February 14, 2017
The wheel has been the fundamental crux of our transportation from the time of it’s invention till now. It gave mankind the ability to travel all over and occupy all of earth rapidly.  It has given us this day in history.

We are now at the crux of human history where we want to travel and live beyond earth. We want to spread into air and space. For this to happen, we must abandon our best invention, we must abandon the wheel, abandon the internal combustion and the urge to use explosives to take us to space. It is hard to give up on such a remarkably successful invention overnight. But this is the price that ought to be paid.
I envision a world running on a completely new kind of propulsion. Something that is not noisy, is efficient and does not use wheels/explosions to push the vehicle. It must use the enormous power of coulomb’s force. Something akin to the Nanotube propulsive system.
This propulsion system would start it’s jouney by powering small craft which will have a longer hover duration than anything available today. They’d serve as drones for indoor use esp in mixed reality and in 360 degree light field capture. The next stage would be flying hover boards, toys, flying carpets, and then flying cars that will finally became mainstream.
After this phase things will only get more exciting. With a propulsion system that is capable of flying in air and space without requiring explosives allows every single human to be a space faring entity. We’d have true democratization of space with every single individual having the ability to access space just as it were a small extension of earth. This will herald a true space age.
Unlike the ~100 years that has taken for Rocketry to develop; the emerging technological singularity is going to accelerate development incredibly quickly. All we need is a rapid doubling with a rate of 30 days (Doubling every month). If the system is developed at this pace, it can overtake mainstream technology within 5 years. It’s insanely fast; and if this rate were set as the benchmark, it would be a self fulfilling prophecy. At this rate it’ll take just 30 months to develop a propulsive system capable of lifting a 1000Kg payload to potential velocities of a few percentage the speed of light.
This is the world I want to live in. This is the world I want to create to meet my goals.
( A Billion propulsive element engine could be built in 30 months assuming we start with just 1 propulsive element.)

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