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Consumer products to the defense

Posted by on February 19, 2017

Until recently, the most cutting edge of technologies were available for use only by the military; thanks to their innate desire for tactical advantage. This was true until the last 10 years when Apple released the iPhone. Over years; each iPhone has gotten much better and put consumer technology on an exponential growth. For the first time, each individual has as much computing power and technology that only rich governments could muster.

When I initially planned Single Walled Carbon Nanotube based products; I believed that my first target market must be defense and space as I expected them to desire cutting edge performance above all else. The last 5 years painfully proved me wrong. In the Indian context; the Defense Research Organization confessed that they don’t have the wherewithal to develop cutting edge products or buy them from Indian companies. Similarly the space agency was averse to trying new materials that hadn’t been flight tested before. This put a spanner on my plans for the first possible customer.

This realization has made me reconsider my first products. The focus will no longer be on products usable by the defense forces. But on products that will directly be sold to consumers to augment their lives in ways unimaginable until now. We will unleash the full power of Carbon Nanotubes and give it to the people to write a new chapter in human history. In this chapter, we will eliminate exploitation of natural resources and keep this world safe for future generations of humans.

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