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Consumer products to the defense

Until recently, the most cutting edge of technologies were available for use only by the military; thanks to their innate desire for tactical advantage. This was true until the last 10 years when Apple released the iPhone. Over years; each iPhone has gotten much better and put consumer technology on an exponential growth. For the … Continue reading »

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My vision for Transportation

The wheel has been the fundamental crux of our transportation from the time of it’s invention till now. It gave mankind the ability to travel all over and occupy all of earth rapidly.¬† It has given us this day in history. We are now at the crux of human history where we want to travel … Continue reading »

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The need for a new kind of propulsion

Rockets! the massive plume of energy blasting away in space as we reach into the arms of the vast space that beckons with mysteries. Since the last 1000 years, we humans have built rockets. The last 100 years has seen them become refined thanks to the world wars. Humans have mastered rockets and the Americans … Continue reading »

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Galactic Space Power Corp

Phase II of my dream is taking shape. Space Solar Power is something that will be necessary to sustain a Space based Economy. GSC is also a culmination of 14 years of dreaming to have a space company. Now my goal is to build the world’s first Space Solar Power Satellite. This is going to … Continue reading »

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