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A contrarian Electric Car future

Posted by on July 6, 2016

Electric cars are expected to be the next big thing. They are expected to replace Gasoline vehicles and Tesla’s recent sales figure is cited as the emerging future. I like to take a contrarian view of this. I do not think electric cars can be mainstream. They do not add a functionality beyond what can be obtained in a gasoline vehicle. They are a great fad and probably great for fun 3 second acceleration thrills. This does not make for a compelling case for someone to invest in electric.

Currently most of the savings made on fuel using EV are lost in the replacement of Batteries. This gives a shocker to most consumers as people are okay losing money in small quantities as opposed to losing a bulk sum in an instant. Batteries also contain toxic chemicals and need specialized factories to reclaim the same.

Electric cars will make a dent if they can bring on table something that Internal Combustion engines cannot do. This value addition would be an electric flying vehicle. As the number of automobiles increase rapidly, roads are congested. Maintenance of roads in developing countries is horrible. Large tracts don’t even have motorable roads. Just one monsoon can wash away roads. Even developed countries are seeing massive traffic jams. The legendary jam of Beijing and Los Angles are well known. The way out are flying cars. Existing flying vehicles are bulky, fuel guzzlers, noisy and expensive. This makes them unaffordable and require special airstrips/designated areas in light of safety concerns.

The ideal flying electric car would be capable of Vertical Take-off Landing, has a range of 300Km per charge. And is operated by the manufacturer as an Uber like service. This would tremendously reduce load and introduce order to the anarchic transportation in existence. People who have more money would buy a dedicated service that is always available. This would instantly decrease congestion and give a new paradigm shift in transport.

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